ShareSync: Upload-only links

Article ID: 37710 Last updated on 1/29/2019 5:09:36 PM Product: ShareSync

Upload-only web links allow users to request/collect files from various parties without having to set up external shares. For businesses that need to receive files from external users, this is a great alternative to external sharing. 

Start by creating a new folder or choosing an existing one: Share Get link > Choose Upload-only permissions and provide the link to the recipient.

Share upload-only folder

Once the link is opened, recipients will be able to upload or drag and drop files.

Upload or drag and drop files

Recipients will need to provide their full name and email address before they are able to upload one or more files into the sender’s folder. Once a file is uploaded, it will be automatically renamed to include the name of the person who uploaded the file and the date of the upload.

Full name and email address

Note: Upload-only web links are only available for folders and do not allow recipients to view or access any other content in the folder.