1) Visit Remote.Celeratec.com

2) Click Login in the upper right hand corner of the site:

3) Enter your login details and click "Login"

4) Enter your 2-Factor authentication password which was texted to your mobile device or available from your authenticator application.

If the machine you are connecting from is a trusted machine such as your home computer, you can select the "Trust this device" option to skip this second authentication step next time. (Don't select this on public or strange machines)

5) Click "Access" on the left

6) Then select your user group of company group 

(There may only be one item)

7) Next you can see if your remote machine is connected and for how long

8) The the machine is online and connected simply double click it or select it and then click the Join button above

9) The remote session should start automatically based on your current browser. You may need to run a file that downloads to your computer on your first attempt. If your session does not start, you can try one of the other types of remote connection by clicking "Try Next Option"