ShareSync® is a cloud service provided by Celeratec that allows you to sync files between multiple computers, ShareSync Web portal and mobile devices. You may also securely share them with your co-workers and external collaborators. 

Review the following articles to get started with ShareSync:

  1. ShareSync: General FAQ
  2. ShareSync: Data Security And Privacy
  3. ShareSync Web Client: Overview
  4. ShareSync: Activity Feed
  5. ShareSync: Sharing Links
  6. ShareSync: Internal Permission-Based Sharing
  7. ShareSync: Collaboration Notifications
  8. ShareSync: Versioning
  9. ShareSync: File Locking & Conflict Management
  10. ShareSync: Max File Size
  11. ShareSync: Restore Deleted Files
  12. ShareSync: File Preview In The Web App
  13. ShareSync: Office Plugin
  14. ShareSync: Co-Authoring In The Office Plugin
  15. ShareSync: Outlook Plugin
  16. ShareSync: Mobile Apps
  17. Search In ShareSync
  18. ShareSync: Selective Sync
  19. ShareSync: Desktop Sync FAQ

Additional documentation: