1. On an IPhone or IPad, open your device's settings and scroll down to "Mail". 

The Icon should look something like this:

2. Then you'll want to choose "Accounts".

3. Click "Add Account"

4. Select "Microsoft Exchange" as your Email Platform.

5. Enter your email in the email section (Yellow). The Description section is how you would like your email to appear in your inbox(Red). Then click "Next".

6. After you've completed those steps, it will ask whether you want to "Configure Manually" or "Sign In". You'll want to select "Configure Manually" which will take you to this screen: 

Here, you'll need to enter your email password and click "Next", which will take you to your email settings.

7. You'll need to request your ActiveSync credentials to your email if you do not already have them.

After you have the Credentials available, you'll need to type everything into the correct slots as they're displayed.

The email settings are key sensitive so if one word is misspelled or a letter is Capitalized that shouldn't be, this will not work.

Once the credentials have been entered correctly, click "Next".

8. After this screen, you'll be directed to a page that will ask which applications you'd like to communicate with your email.

Here, you'll typically want to make sure contacts and calendar are enabled.

The rest is up to you.

9. You've Successfully Added your email to your IOS Device, WOOHOO!!

Check your inbox and make sure your email is populating, please take into consideration that the email needs time to update before all emails are available.

If you had any issues completing these steps, please call us at 1-888-423-5372 or submit a support request here: Submit Support Request Here